Not only a brand, La Débraillée represents a way to be.

Used in french to call a person slack in their appearance, the brand's name was chosen to highlight the importance of functionality, cosiness and sustainability of what we wear.

Born form a vision of Italian product designer Alice Rosignoli, La Débraillée sees the product as a design object shaped on the needs of dynamic, contemporary and aware men and women.


We are sure that when free and aware can be the engine for a new world. When developed towards a positive goal can make the future more welcoming and sustainable.

Against a consumerism without values, at LaDébraillée we adopt a SLOW FASHION model always choosing a thoughtful design, intended to last. That's why la Débraillée collection is permanent and amplified each year with a selective number of styles.

The essence of design delivers GENDER-NEUTRAL bags that relate strongly to the individuality of the people who wear them.

Creativity at the service of people's needs, in the light of a new concept of fashion that is FUNCTIONAL in everyday life.


It’s possible to think together about a sustainable world that satisfies all the needs of the present without compromising the future generations.

At la Débraillée we only use UPCYCLED LEATHER coming from other brand’s production surpluses. As the quantity of the surplus is always limited only a few pieces of each model can be made in each colour. That's why all colours in our collection are limited editions, while black is always available.

The desire to reduce waste is at the heart of La Débraillée philosophy. Today, more than ever, we need to rethink together production models: the choice to produce few pieces and the desire to keep production sustainable, makes us feel more sensitive to environmental problems related to the fashion industry.


At La Débraillée we believe in the rediscovery and support of a network of artisans and small producers who make unique in the world, the concept of MADE IN ITALY.

La Débraillée looks for those realities that have worked in the area for generations, carrying on traditions that otherwise wouldbe lost. That's why the brand creations are made by artisans entirely by hand, in a small atelier located in Le Marche, Italy.

All the materials and accessories that are used in manufacture of the bags are handpicked in this region.

Le Marche region is home to the best Italian shoes and handbags, we are very proud to produce locally, it make us confident of the quality of our products.